Thanks for visiting the site.  Personal Development Pro is here for one function.  We believe that life is about bettering ourselves.  We want to develop into fully authentic and genuine human beings with the fullest of potentials in all categories of life, especially that of financial.  Being financially stable allows for a release of anxiety and other responsibilities and worries.  Once we reach this point, we can pursue the betterment of the self.  That is personal development.

financeBefore we talk about the full purpose of Personal Development Pro, let’s talk about the basics of personal development.  You must focus on your physical self.  You have to exercise by building muscle strength and increasing cardiovascular fitness.  This is your machine that carries you in this life.  Keep it functioning well.  You must keep your mental health together.  Think clearly and positively.  Make sure you understand your own thoughts and intentions.  Then you must also be emotionally free.  Don’t let anger and sadness sweep you away.   You must control your own destiny in regards to your heart and emotions.  Finally, however you choose, approach your spiritual life with the intention of growing in that regards.

These are all parts of the personal development road in life.  Do not ignore these, for they are all important.  But the point of Personal Development Pro is to work on the financial portion of life.  We want to ensure that you know how to use your money, and not let your money use you.  These things are important in allowing you to successfully pursue the other categories of personal development.  Financial freedom is a part of having enough time and resources and energy to become a fully functional and free human spirit.

So how do we obtain financial freedom?  Do we take up a job on the weekend?  That kind of sucks, trading our time for money.  Do we learn how to pan for gold and start trying to strike a lucky vein?  Or do we play it slower and less risky and start investing in annuities for the eventual retirement?